Leon Bohlsen

In cooperation with an AIdriven textgenerator, Leon Bohlsen planned to create artworks, which would be based on seemingly random, yet data-related possible, AI-presumed continuations of this very sentence.

Between 31 August and 6 October 2017, this project resulted in three (since one was omitted in review) paintings. One is entitled „Your Face: That is all You Have“ („Haakon for havat: alles håldtes“). The original phrase is a little better in context: „That‘s all I‘ve got.“ Another is „This is to the nose“ („På det øre: det er to øre.“). The third one is „I don‘t know yet“ („Jeg ikke vil høre til nå.“) „La tôle sur la vue (ambience)“ at Galerie Arnau de Campos is a translation of the titles of the paintings

from their original Swedish. „La tôle sur la vue“ has a similar aura to the original Swedish text, as if it were a starting point for a completely dierent exploration. In his artist‘s statement Bohlsen describes the pieces as a mani- festation of the deep meaning behind every syllable of the origi- nal text. Aer a brief introduction, an artificial intelligence is presen- ted, which is capable of removing or changing the meaning of the sentence.He explains that his aim is to draw attention to the cons- tant process of interpretation in which we are involved, and urges for us to „be open to the magic that our machines can bring us“.